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Let’s Hoist the Flag of Europe!

The City of Joensuu, Finland, calls upon all European cities, towns and municipalities to raise the European flag above every town hall or display it in any way possible and then share a picture on your city web pages and in social media. (download support images here)

We are Europe – in our work, in our joy and in our sorrows. We have grown up freely traveling to our sister cities, exploring new places, collaborating and living in peace. We have grown up sharing success and facing common problems.

We create Europe through our shared lives; together we must make it still better.

Joining up is simple and easy: provide your city information/location, and then present the European Flag on Thursday 28.07.2016 at your town hall. And please, don’t forget to share a picture of it on your web pages and in social media using the hashtag #WeAreEurope. If you wish, we’d love for you to share a few words of greeting from your city on the website.

We believe that whilst the Europe we live in is far from perfect, it is the least imperfect of all the alternatives. Therefore, we invite you to stand up and share the day with the people of Joensuu. This may be a small gesture but is all the more meaningful for us, living in this remote corner of Europe.

Please share this initiative with your neighbors and friends far and near. The more European flags will wave on the last Thursday of July, the louder our message is going to be heard.

Note also that we are not talking of the EU as an institution here – we are taking about being European and also about the need for better local leadership for our people. We are not defining the geographical Europe in any way. European flag is also the flag of Council of Europe with 47 member states.

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