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Cities, Towns and Municipalities

Joining up is simple and easy: just provide basic information using form on this page and, of course, present the European Flag on Thursday 28 July at your City Hall. And please, don’t forget to share a picture of it on your web pages and in social media using hashtag #WeAreEurope.

In Joensuu, Finland, the decision to launch this initiative was made quite quickly. However, we understand and fully respect that process may vary from one town to another, and that all action needs to be taken in due course.

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Other Organisations and Citizens

You may not be a city nor a town or municipality but still feel a fire to join. Please don’t hesitate to join us. Quite on the contrary: you are most welcome to participate in any way you like. Only the sky, your innovative spirit – and, obviously law and good manners – are the limits.

Would you like to ensure that your own city/town/municipality won’t miss the opportunity to fly the European Colours with us? Feel free to send them an email about the initiative.

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